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It all started with the inspiration to pick up an aluminum chute company that sat idle for a few years. We felt aluminum light-weight chutes would be a great product and an intriguing idea. Carven Metals¬†started from scratch and we have made several improvements along the way.¬†We realized how beneficial our chutes would be for the Ready-Mix concrete industry, regarding the drivers’ physical health and safety. TuffLite aluminum chutes decrease the chance for driver injury. We strive to perfect our manufactured products to meet our customers’ needs. Carven Metals is a small, family-owned and operated company that is dedicated to all customers whether large or small. We hope to hear from you soon!

Meet Our Team

Our small, focused team is committed to providing our customers with the highest-quality chutes. Through hard-work and extra care, we make it possible for you to save money in the long run.


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